About Body Burn Naples and it's Founder: Stefan

Stefan Rehlinger beim Cardio Training
Born in Bavaria, Germany in 1984, Stefan Rehlinger has always been fascinated by sports. It all began with track and tennis in which he achieved high ranks in the South German and Bavarian Championships.

As time went by his thirst grew stronger; leading him to join the Bundeswehr (German Armed Forces) in 2005. This is where the love of strength training flourished.

My will to change combined with the difficult training of the German infantry has helped to better my strength and stamina. 

Stefan Rehlinger im Fitnessstudio
After his tour of duty, Stefan decided to continue on his path and became a firefighter in Nuremburg, Germany. He was quickly transferred to the head of the athletic department there and began training his colleagues.

During this time he also earned his degree as a personal trainer, dietary and life coach.

However, my thirst has not been quenched. I aim to become a Crossfit coach and help you!

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"Let my motivation guide you. A custom tailored plan will ensure you to excel your goals."

Your Stefan Rehlinger


After moving to Naples, I decided to transform my passion into my work. The burn you feel after a workout brings positive emotions and is key to whole aspect. Together we will catapult your body into the shape of it's life. You will feel proud and love yourself even more!

"Relentless rebounds mean more than minuscule failure;
the secret to success is realizing you are the keeper of your dreams.

Personal Training & Workouts

Individual fitness and health training custom tailored for you!

Dietary Coaching

A clean diet and training are crucial. I'll teach you what it takes.

Health & Rehabilitation

Even after a debilitating injury, I will make you your former self.


All humans, including YOU, are born athletes. Let me help you to awaken your true potential


The modern age of instant gratification has made us reliant upon machines and junk food.  This program will rejuvenate your life and finally give you the limitless energy you've always dreamed of.