Personal Training & Workouts

With my highly effective training we will reach your goals within your schedule. Whether at home, office, gym or in nature the program can be adapted to fit your individual lifestyle.
Helping you is my passion. Let's reach your physical peak together!

Personal Training Options

This broad spectrum of programs holds something for everyone


High intensity workouts for fast paced results. Relying solely on your body weight makes it easy to train wherever.

Stamina Training

As a progression of Cardiac Rhythm Training, stamina training will help individuals who find it difficult to continue with their workout. No longer will you pant heavily after ascending a flight of stairs. Help your body to overstand obstacles and master the day.

Competition Preparation

From marathon runs to lifting competitions, learn the necessary steps to master your domain and stand above the competition.

Bulking / Bodybuilding

Stronger muscle groups means more protection for your joints. They make daily life easier, let you stand taller and contribute to a healthy body. Body enhancement for experienced athletes with goals.

TRX Training

TRX© Suspension Training is a highly effective whole body workout that uses one's own body weight to strengthen every muscle.

Stamina Training

Freeletics Workout

Freeletics Workout 1
Freeletics Workout 2
Freeletics Workout 3


All humans, including YOU, are born athletes. Let me help you to awaken your true potential


The modern age of instant gratification has made us reliant upon machines and junk food.  This program will rejuvenate your life and finally give you the limitless energy you've always dreamed of.